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Tea 101


To make a perfect cup of tea, it is crucial to follow the time and temperature guides. This is the key to discovering and enjoying the world of tea. Tea leaves are delicate creatures, a white tea will burn with boiling water, a green tea will taste bitter if steeped for too long, a black tea will miss some of it's unique aromas if the temperature is too low. This is a general guide, there are some exceptions. You will eventually find the sweet spot for every tea. Now it's time to start exploring and enjoying!


*6oz = 178ml

In order to get your water temperature just right, use any of the following methods:

  • Thermometers
  • Electric Tea Kettles
  • Cooling Your Water Down: boil & cool down for 1 minute for oolong, 2 minutes for white & green tea
  • Traditional Chinese Method:
    • Shrimp Eyes: Tiny bubbles that resemble shrimp eyes begin to rise to the surface and pop. At 75°-80°C, this temperature is ideal for green teas.
    • Fish Eyes: Bubbles resembling fish eyes rise to the top of the kettle. At 80°-85°C this temperature is ideal for white teas and light oolongs.
    • Rope of Pearls: Pearl size bubbles stream to the water’s surface. At 85°-90°C this temperature is ideal for delicate black tea, dark oolongs and pu-erh teas.
    • Raging Torrent: Water that sounds like a raging torrent with swirling and rolling bubbles. At 100°C, it’s ideal for herbal tisanes.

 It doesn’t matter what method you choose as long as you enjoy it!