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Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

How should I store my tea?

To maintain the quality of your tea, we recommend storing in a cool and dry place, in a tight container away from sunlight. We also recommend keeping your tea away from highly aromatic products such as coffee or spices, tea is very good at absorbing other aromas.

Why Do Some Tins Look Fuller Than Others?

Our tins are standard 50gr, this is to facilitate the packaging and price point for our consumers. However, as each tea has different ingredients and appearance, some teas such as white tea that have big leaves will look full but a Jasmine Pearl tea that has tightly wrapped leaves won't look as full. Our overall recommendation is to use 2-3 grams per teacup, each packaging has either 25 grams, 50 grams or 75 grams. 

Where Can I Buy Melez Tea?

We have many stockists around Turkey, you can also buy in Carrefour Gurme, Eataly and Trendyol. For our entire selection, please visit our website or one of our own stores.

Does Melez Have Retail Locations?

Yes, we have three retail locations. The Melez Tea Lab in Resitpasa and the Melez Tea Bar inside Mudo Concept in Giz 2000 Plaza in Maslak. You can also buy our entire collection of products online on our website.

Do You Ship Outside Turkey?

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not ship outside Turkey. 

Can I Return Tea?

If you feel the quality of any of our products is less than you expected, please reach out to us within 30 days of purchasing the product at info@meleztea.comand we're happy to see how we can help. 

Unfortunately, as this is a food product, we cannot make refunds or exchanges once the product has been opened unless it is a quality issue.

What are our teabags made out of?

We have two types of tea bags, our pyramid tea bags are made of a plant starch (PLA) and are 100% biodegradable and plastic free. Our artisan muslin teabags are made with biodegradable muslin cotton. Both our tea bags allow the tea space to grow and release their full flavor potential. In order to make our bags biodegradable, we do not use glues, staples or metals, our tea bags have a cotton string and printed-paper tag only.

How Do You Ship Your Products?

We use Yurtici or Aras Kargo, we typically give the order to the shipping company 1-2 days after the order is received. It typically takes 3-4 business days for you to receive your order.

Does tea go bad?

We always include the best by date; however, tea generally does not spoil or go bad; it simply loses it's freshness over time.

What Are Natural Flavors and Why Are They Used in Some Blends?

Natural flavors are concentrated liquid extracts made from natural ingredients. We use these flavors to complement dried fruits in some blends to create a complex flavor that cannot be achieved by infusing dried fruits. These natural flavors are extracted with oil, alcohol or water.