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Melez Tea Lab

Melez Tea Lab, Istanbul’s first concept tea space located in Reşitpaşa. From our artisanal tea blends and tea tasting flights to our signature creations, including a matcha affogato and a chai spiced hot chocolate, our aim is to represent the rich diversity of tea.

Immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience; a place where you can see, smell, touch the teas, as well as learn about each tea's story, tasting notes, functions and the best ways to prepare each tea.

Inspired by wabi sabi, the idea of finding beauty in imperfection, our space is decorated with natural and raw materials, such as wood fragments salvaged from an abandoned house and a broken yet striking stone table bearing a collection of tea drinking vessels & other tea accessories. Stripped down to the bare essentials, our space evokes a Zen-like serenity and awareness, where you can mindfully contemplate the present moment.

The Melez Tea Lab, located at Kongre Caddesi 81/A, Reşitpaşa is open Monday to Saturday, 9am to 7pm. For more information, please call +90 212 229 29 69.