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At Melez Tea, we focus on creating unique rituals and experiences through our teas, botanical blends and lifestyle products. We collaborate with our partners to create unique tea programs catered to their needs. WWe specialize in providing custom tea solutions for HORECA, corporate or social events, product launches, brand activations and more. We are committed to understanding the story you want to tell and crafting a personalized solution that will leave a lasting impression.
We are excited to learn more about how we can make a difference in your business. Please complete our customer application form so that we can provide you with more details about our products and services. 

What Makes Us Different?

  1. Our People: one of our main mission’s is empowering women, our co-founder is a woman and 95% of our workforce is female.
  2. Our Quality: this one is crucial, we emphasize our relationship with our suppliers, we know the source of each of our ingredients, we trust our suppliers but we send each of our ingredients for our own analysis to make sure they are up to our own quality standards. This is specially important when it comes to pesticides in fruits and flowers! You can drink at ease knowing that absolutely no harmful ingredients are present in our teas.
  3. Local: we blend and package locally, we also buy as many ingredients as we can locally if they are up to our own quality standards.
  4. Certifications: our production facility is ISO and HACCP certified.
  5. Passion: Our founders and our team have knowledge and passion for tea, our founder is a tea sommelier and a master tea blender, each of our blends is unique and crafted by us, each of our blends tells a story or is meant to evoke a feeling or moment in time.
  6. Ethical & Sustainable: our base teas are all Rainforest Alliance Certified which means they are all bought at a fair price from the farmers and they are all grown with sustainable methods. We emphasize sustainability in all of our packaging and production. 
  7. Experience: we aim for each of our teas to be an experience, from day one all of our teas have their own Spotify playlists and some teas have their own candles so you can fully immerse yourself in the full experience.
  8. Service: our team is always ready to help you deliver the ultimate tea experience in your own spaces.