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Melez Rituals Palo Santo Burner Gift Set

Sale price1,300.00TL

Inspired by India’s healing traditions, our incense burner gift set is the ideal gift for those looking for a moment of zen in their daily lives. Our burner is designed as a small round altar dish, made to elevate the ritual of incense or smudge burning. Ideal for burning incense, palo santo, sage smudge sticks or as a unique candle holder.

Includes a palo santo bundle. Palo santo has been used by Amazonian shamans for centuries to purify, relax the mind and cleanse. Ideal before or during meditation, simply light an end on fire place the wood in a fire-safe dish. 

Burn Palo Santo To:

- Cleanse & Purify a Space

- Relax the Mind

- Remove Negative Energy

Our Incense Burner Gift Set Includes:

  • Incense Burner
  • Palo Santo Bundle (2 Palo Santo Sticks Approximately 10cm Long)
  • Gift Box
  • Rituals Card
  • Brass Piece for Incense Burning

Melez Rituals Collection

We have come to understand that our tea becomes a ritual in our customers lives, an intimate experience, those moments of happiness and indulgence or minutes of peace, quiet and wellbeing. With this in mind, we are excited to introduce the Melez Rituals Collection. Inspired by wellbeing rituals and traditions around the world.

Melez Rituals Palo Santo Burner Gift Set
Melez Rituals Palo Santo Burner Gift Set Sale price1,300.00TL