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Bubble Tea 101

Traditional Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is delicious iced or milk tea served with chewy tapioca pearls. It was invented in Taiwan in the 80s and has been spreading around the world ever since due to the unique and refreshing drinking experience.


Popping Bubble Tea

Popping Boba is made from a seaweed extract with fruit juice flavoring inside that pops once bitten into. Unlike tapioca boba, there is no cooking involved. It is always ready to serve.

Popping Boba has become widely popular and has been used in many different ways including but not limited to Tea Drinks, Tea Latte Drinks, Smoothies, Frozen Yogurt Toppings and Alcoholic Beverages.

Both popping and traditional bubble tea have been growing in popularity in Istanbul and Turkey in general for the past few years.

Melez Tea Bubble Tea

Typical bubble tea around the world is made using powdered milk or tea and other artificial ingredients. At the Melez Tea Lab, we pride ourselves in making every bubble tea fresh for each customer from the finest ingredients, our bubble teas are freshly brewed and made from high quality loose leaf tea and fresh milk or juices. Enjoy our ever-changing bubble tea menu at the Melez Tea Lab in Resitpasa, Istanbul.

Our Flavors:


  •           Traditional Tapioca Pearls
  •           Popping Blueberry Pearls
  •           Popping Lychee Pearls
  •           Popping Passion Fruit Pearls
  •           Popping Mango Pearls
  •           Popping Lemon Pearls
  •           Nata de Coco